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The constant drumbeat of “do more with less” is nowhere more challenging than for local and state governments and their associated agencies. Faced with declining revenues and increased immigration, combined with demands for public transportation, better education, and citizen-oriented services, what’s a conscientious leader to do? Improving IT infrastructure when everything else seems to be coming down around you might seem counter-intuitive, but it actually might be the absolute right time to consider it.

Many public sector leaders find themselves trying to cope with the new realities of the 21st century with mid-20th century technology and the staff who knows it about to retire. The systems are old, un-integrated and often unresponsive to new demands. As such, you find yourself strapped to bring new services to your citizens and take advantage of new government programs such as the American Recovery and Reinvestments Act (ARRA).

Good news is there’s a light ahead. Vignon’s experience in the public sector has allowed us to build complete approaches to modernizing IT to meet the future—a quick, responsive and cost-effective way to meet new challenges. These include:

  • Best-in-class business, management and technology processes to streamline efforts and compliance
  • Responsive SAP enterprise systems and custom systems specifically designed to deal with the processes and business issues related to the public sector
  • Systems that identify and gather the right data and information to take advantage of and be compliant with the stimulus package and other federal programs
  • The manpower to design, implement and maintain a new stable environment
  • A platform upon which you can transition to a new IT environment without disruption to your constituents

When you meet with Vignon, our consultants will provide you with a gap analysis and a complete plan to move forward—no matter your budget or staffing constraints. We’ll show you a complete scenario, including timeline, budget, transition plan, training component and future plan. We’ll show you how you can offer new and better services while saving money and getting your fair share of federal programs.

Our clients have brought their legacy systems into the modern age, and now they are up and running at top speed. You can be too.


Large State Department of Public Safety

The DPS had an aging, out-dated, legacy driver license issuance system that was not integrated and very difficult to support and enhance. Vignon was engaged on a 5-year project to successfully design and implement a new, integrated, web-based system using web services and relational database technology.

Top Ten City

In 2007, one of the top-ten cities in the U.S. needed to upgrade its aging and outdated police and fire computer-aided dispatch systems in an effort to improve public safety. Vignon was selected to manage the project from implementation through the support phase.

A Southern State

This southern state had legacy financial, human resource and payroll applications that were not integrated, so they were difficult to support and to enhance. Vignon implemented SAP ERP software to provide fully integrated applications, improve reporting capabilities and streamline maintenance and support functions.

State Department of Information Resources

The quandary: how to provide quality staff augmentation services and control costs? And how to do it for a vast array of state agencies as mandated by the state legislature? Vignon answered and was awarded a contract to provide competent staff, meeting agency requirements and costs across 150 job categories from Senior Project Management to Help Desk 1 levels.