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Utilities face a number of challenges, and Vignon is ready to help you meet them head on. New regulations, legacy infrastructure, aging workforce and more consumer-oriented services demands and billing functions are real issues that only become more urgent every year. Add to that the new requirements for the American Recovery and Reinvesment Act (i.e. the Stimulus Package) and many utilities find their management and IT departments overwhelmed.

Gartner noted in its February 2009 report on utilities, “The ongoing pursuit of operational excellence forces energy companies to focus on innovative technologies that ensure better use of assets and resources. This is happening during a time when the industry is being challenged by an aging workforce and aging physical assets. Consequently, the industry will require investment in new physical infrastructure, as well as investments directed toward IT-enabled innovation to improve business effectiveness.”

Sounds like a daunting challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. Our experience with utilities and enterprise systems has allowed us to build complete approaches to replatforming utilities—giving them a quick and cost-effective way to meet the new requirements. These include:

  • Best-in-class business, management and technology processes to streamline efforts and compliance
  • Responsive SAP and enterprise systems and custom systems specifically designed to deal with the processes and business issues related to utilities
  • Systems that identify and gather the right data and information for your business and government reporting requirements
  • The manpower to design, implement and maintain a new stable environment
  • A platform upon which your company can transition to the new environment without disruption to your business, your customers and your communities

When you meet with Vignon, our consultants will provide you with a gap analysis and a complete plan to move forward—no matter your budget or staffing constraints. We’ll show you a complete scenario, including timeline, budget, transition plan, training component and future plan.

Our utility clients throughout the country have brought their legacy systems into the modern age, and now they’re ready for what comes next. You can be too.


Large Public Electric Company

This public power company has been using SAP for over ten years to manage human resources, plant maintenance, materials, and financial functions. But other systems were old and unsupported, such as their customer information system. The company decided to investigate moving to SAP’s customer information and utility billing solution. Vignon was chosen to assess the current situation, develop a model for return on investment, and recommend alternatives for moving to an SAP CIS and billing solution. This assessment has now been completed. The implementation of the proposed solution is planned for Q1/Q2 2010. Based on the level of satisfaction with these initial efforts, Vignon was again chosen and is currently in the process of developing a scope of work for the implementation of SAP’s Environmental Health and Safety module.

Mid-Sized Water Utility Company

This company selected Vignon to plan the implementation of SAP to replace its legacy maintenance and customer information and billing systems. Vignon reviewed existing processes and systems and provided cost, timeline, and resource estimates to implement the required functionality. The planning phase of the project is now complete with the implementation planned for November of 2009.

Small Electric COOP

This small electric cooperative has been a long-time customer of SAP. After several years of using the system, the coop considered moving its customer information and billing functions into SAP to compliment its financial, plant maintenance, and human resource applications. Before a CIS and billing implementation could get underway, they needed to upgrade to the current version of SAP.  Vignon was selected to assist them with the upgrade in preparation for the pending CIS implementation. In the interim, Vignon has also implemented SAP’s change request management and service desk portions of Solution Manager.